Dermatologists Recommend Strict Skincare Regimen Can Help In Cystic Acne

Not all acne can create scars, but cystic acne is one form of acne that creates terrible marks and scars on the skin. The cystic lesions that feel painful right under the skin and they do not connect with the surface easily. This has been claimed by an expert dermatologist of USA. It is because of this reason that inflammation gets trapped in the skin.

When the body is unable to form collagen in a normal way, the healing process is not speeded up and this makes the scar much more challenging. In fact, the enzymes in the area of acne tend to eat away collagen and elastin, and they are not able to regenerate properly to aid in the healing process.

In order to prevent the breakout of cystic acne and development of scars, it is extremely important to go into regular skincare regimen. It can often be worth investing in scientific proven items